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#1 selling bender in the USA to race-car fabricators.

The Model 3 Bender is designed for the professional fabricator who requires a dependable, accurate and affordable tube and pipe bender.

Tube Capacity 1/2" to 2" diameter.

Bend quality guaranteed as good or better than that of any bender under $3000.

RUGGED ALL STEEL CONSTRUCTION - Designed with durability and affordability in mind. All parts are 100% CNC machined. All links are machined from 1/2" thick steel and zinc phosphate plated for corrosion resistance. Fast change bending dies are CNC machined from solid steel billets and carry a lifetime guarantee against breakage. Steel dies eliminate the problems common with other manufacturers' aluminium dies, such as breakage and groove spreading when bending 4130 chromemoly tubing.

LARGE CAPACITY - Bends round tubing and pipe from 1/2" to 2" O.D. and square tubing from 1/2" to 1-1/2".

EASY OPERATION - The Model 3 uses a high-ratio ratchet mechanism to allow you to bend larger tubing sizes comfortably without assistance. For example, the average operator can bend 1 3/4" x .095" wall round mild steel tubing with one hand and 1" x .065" wall tubing with ONE finger. Dies can be changed in under 30 seconds. Bend times are typically in the 30-60 second range for 1" O.D. and above tubing using the ratchet mechanism. Hydraulics may be slightly slower or faster depending on the power unit chosen.

HIGHLY ACCURATE - With the degree indicator wheel standard on every new Model 3, accurate bending is simply a matter of watching the pointer until the degree of bend you desire is reached. High contrast yellow markings on a black wheel provide excellent readability while bending.

36" TELESCOPING HANDLE - Included free with bender. The new design has twice the bearing area of the old style for longer life and provides ample leverage for tube sizes up to 1 3/4".However, if more leverage is desired for tougher to bend applications, you now can simply obtain a longer piece of standard 1" schedule 40 pipe and insert it into the ratchet lever. Comes standard with a pull pin so the handle may be retracted out of the way when not in use saving valuable floor space.

GENERATION 3 FOLLOW BARS - Redesigned in 2009, they are half the weight of the older style and utilise bolt-on inserts that are on average 243% stronger. Insert pads are machined to within 1/1000th of a degree to the theoretically perfect angle for optimum bend quality. Inserts are made from a non- galling bearing material to prevent scratching of expensive material. Delrin inserts are also available for use with polished aluminium. A roll pin holds the follow bar in position while loading tubing. With over 600 hours in R&D and tooling preparation, we are confident these are the best die sets on the market today.

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Bender Only You will also need a die set/s to use this item - See our selection of Model 3 Die Sets


Model 3 Bender Operation Guide (M3B_Directions.pdf, 1,850 Kb) [Download]

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