Pipe Die Sets

The first number in the product name is for the OD.

The numbers in the parenthesis [ eg: (114.3-180) ] designate the die set's centre line radius and maximum normal degree of bend. Therefore (114.3-180) would represent a die set with a centre line radius of 114.3mm and would be capable of producing a complete 180 degree bend. The "centre Line Radius" is the bend radius as measured from the centre rotation point of the die to the middle of the tubing.

If a die is made for pipe this along with the NB will be the final number in the product name.

Click on the product name for the 'Minimum Wall Thickness' for consistent high quality, wrinkle-free bends.

Die sets up to 30mm can bend solid round. Die sets up to 50mm OD will bend up to 3.4mm wall.

180 degree dies are actually machined to approximately 210-220 degrees. 90 degree dies are available as a special order.