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Model 54 Rotary Bender includes, Special 240V 15amp Electric Pump, 3,000 PSI double acting 3.0" cylinder, stand, and Set Feature

Bender Features and Capabilities:

Up to 3.0" OD x .120" wall or 2" OD x .250" wall

Dies Sets - Will use new rotary Model 50 Series dies sold separately.

CLR will be sized on the inch and half inch.

Supports up to 12.5" radius dies. At this time JD Squared only manufactures radii up to 7.5".

1 shot 90 degree bend

2 shot 180 degree bend

Quick release pressure die

Computer readout of degrees to the .1 degree

1 1/2 h.p. 3,000 PSI Electric/Hydraulic Pump

Set Target feature (Now included with all Model 54 purchases) - You are able to set the degrees desired on the digital readout and the hydraulic unit will automatically stop the bend at that degree every time.

All future accessories such as mandrel systems and tube feeders will be designed to be compatible with the Model 54 Rotary Bender. Complete Bender and Stand in ready to ship format weighs around 200kg's

Model 54 Stand Specs:

Weighs 75Kgs

Built in shelves for pump and optional computer set feature

Two 540kg casters for longevity

Leveling pads at all four corners

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